Tres amigas modernas

Three Modern Friends

The three amigas are exactly that: three friends, three women, three hairstyles. With different interests, habits, careers, and yes, hair, they find common ground in their friendship and as a result, they flourish.


As they chart the unknown waters of being working women in the 21st century, they find solace in each other -- and that’s the beauty of being amigas.


Saoirse's head exploded after the 2016 election. Her doctor just prescribed her Zoloft and it's helped. As a volunteer for Amy Klobuchar's presidential campaign, she can't help but feel bummed about November, but is ready to phone bank for Joe.


Frankly,  Saoirse is a bit neurotic, yet she means well and will one day find peace. Interests include: Japanese cuisine, big eyelash extensions, and Anthropologie.


Beatrice is the smartest person in the room at all times and she knows it, but her male coworkers don't. She's Olympic-award-winning talented at talking over men as they interrupt her, and knows the right time to throw a sucker punch.


She often wonders what it's like to be a man and to talk so frequently, but to somehow not say a thing. Beatrice will go on to create a successful women's clothing line featuring a pantsuit Pilates outfit hybrid, and will own a horse.